Light Up The Night





1. Tell us a little bit about your photo(s)

'Light Up the Night' is a collection of photos taken over the past half a year.

Photo 1: Candlelit Nara

Nara's Setsubun Mantoro, a Japanese Lantern Festival at Kasuga Taisha Shrine. This tradition has been perpetuated for over 800 years

Photo 2: Floating in Orb

Steel Wool Photography in a Sydney skatepark whilst attempting an orb.

Photo 3: Sphere Spin

A fiery ball of sparks joined into a sphere.

Photo 4: Windy City Spin

Steel Wool spinning atop a harbour-side rooftop with a beautiful Sydney city backdrop.

Photo 5: Sydney Harbour Spin

Spinning during Vivid 2016 creating our own light show. Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

Photo 6: Park Spin

My first ever experience with steel wool and practicing an exposure longer than 2 seconds.



Daniel Xu


2. Photo 1

Cs nara candles

3. Photo 2

Cs floating in orb

4. Photo 3

Cs spin spere orb

5. Photo 4

Cs windy city spin

6. Photo 5

Cs harbourside spin

7. Photo 6

Cs park spin

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Jamie Payne
about 4 years ago

This is amazing man, are you Sydney based?