Thinkable for Societies

Thinkable allows societies to easily host and manage their awards/competitions, while giving much greater reach and visibility to help them source new applicants, grow membership and even help raise donations.
Awards on auto-pilot. Create forms, manage timelines, source applicants, manage applications and reviews all within one secure platform. Videos, member & people’s choice voting are also options to allow our societies to drive member engagement and wider public impact.

One platform enabling societies to host, manage & promote all funding opportunities & competitions to engage their members

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How much does it cost?

Thinkable is FREE for societies to host, promote and manage their competitions and applications. That includes form creation, timelines and customised layouts. Access to the full suite of tools including the judging management system, voting and communication tools can be unlocked under our annual subscription plan of $99/month.

You choose what currency to present within your funding opportunities.

Yes – organisers can notify all past applicants of updates and new opportunities through Thinkable via an email messaging system within the platform.

Thinkable is a global community of researchers. We help our member societies reach new networks by promoting their competitions. This allows our societies to grow members since most funding opportunities require society membership.



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