Through our competitions, Thinkable allows students, researchers & start-ups from universities to find new funding opportunities from donors & organisations.

Researchers can also host their own monthly Thinkable journal clubs or awards for research conferences to better source peers to communicate & share new pre-prints, papers or projects. This allows much wider engagement and social sharing of research to promote & progress learning within a specific field.

By becoming a verified researcher, we also empower our researchers to engage with a wider group of peers, to share, vote & verify knowledge or ideas. In a world where facts & evidence are easily misrepresented, this allows the public to learn from verified scientific knowledge from real experts.

Increase citations and promote your researchers around the world.

Access industry and cultivate working partnerships with the most innovative businesses.

Drive global collaboration with other world leading institutes to solve the challenges of today.


How do I become a Thinkable ‘researcher’?

Only verified researchers get sent new opportunities from our growing list of partners. If you have logged in as a user, please ensure you upgrade to a researcher by entering your ‘fields’ and other information. This way you will be sent relevant opportunities when they arise.

How do you verify researchers & experts?

Verifying our expert community is critical to make Thinkable a success and we take it very seriously. Researchers must provide a valid education or institutional email, enter relevant fields & provide at least one peer-reviewed thesis or speciality publication (conference articles do not count).

What does it cost?

It’s free to register as a Thinkable researcher, utilise the platform and be sent opportunities as they come. Some competitions have entry fees for researchers, but it depends on the partner.

What is ‘public’ and what is ‘private’?

Every competition has a public aspect to it – since our mission is to better mobilise your research to help you find more funding, impact & partners. The public will only see those sections that are displayed ‘Public’ when you apply to competitions. Sections that display ‘Private’ are only seen by organisers & judges of their competitions.

Can I become a premium member of Thinkable?

Yes. If you would like to support us create a more powerful and open way to help open science, you can become a Thinkable ‘Fellow’. For $10/month, 50% of your dues will go to our Open Science Fund to give back to our research community. You will also get a public badge in your profile, sent the latest developments & be the first to hear about new competitions relevant to help your research flourish.

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