Thinkable for Researchers

Thinkable empowers researchers to share knowledge, source new funding and find new collaborations. Our mission is to be your research catalyst.
Thinkable allows students, researchers and start-ups from universities to find relevant funding opportunities, challenges and programs that match their skills and expertise.
Researchers can also launch their own PhD projects, fellowships or challenges to source the best candidates or solutions to help accelerate their research.

“Participating in a Thinkable competition allowed me to engage with tens of thousands of people around the world, which provided the catalyst for long term community support and for the donation of a research staff salary for one year. This has been invaluable for a small lab in the current funding environment.”

Dr Jeremy Henson,

Head of Cancer Cell Biology

UNSW School of Medicine

Find funding opportunities and showcase your ideas for impact



What is a ‘verified’ researcher?

Researchers have the option to become verified in Thinkable. Once verified, researchers are sent curated funding and voting opportunities within their own field. Verified researchers can also answer questions/claims posted by the public. In a world where facts and evidence are easily misrepresented, this allows the public to learn from verified experts and drive wider impact for our researchers.

If you have logged in as a user, please ensure you upgrade to a researcher by entering your ‘fields’ and other information. This way you will be sent relevant opportunities when they arise.

Verifying our expert community is critical to make Thinkable a success and we take it very seriously. Researchers must provide a valid education or institutional email, enter relevant fields and provide at least one peer-reviewed thesis or speciality publication (conference articles do not count). We will review these credentials to ensure they are valid with the institution/university before verifying the account.

Thinkable is FREE for researchers to register and use the platform to search for opportunities, join a community and vote. It is also FREE for verified researchers to host their own research opportunities/challenges.

Some competitions have entry fees for researchers, but it depends on the partner.

Some engagement competitions allow the public to openly see/share your submissions. The public will only see those sections that are displayed ‘Public’ when you apply to competitions. Sections that display ‘Private’ in your applications are only seen by organisers and judges of their competitions.



Funding opportunities




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