Wellforce is a different kind of health system. We are a collective of value-driven, independent-minded health care providers who recognize that the key to better, more affordable health care is a well-supported clinician-patient relationship. Wellforce focuses on innovations in care integration, population health management, patient access and operational performance so our clinicians can focus on their patients.

Wellforce was formed by Tufts Medical Center and Circle Health, including Lowell General Hospital, in 2014. Circle and Tufts MC created Wellforce to provide Massachusetts hospitals and physicians with a new option for collaboration. Historically, academic medical centers had “taken over” community hospitals, but Wellforce brings together the strengths of academic medicine and community care in a model that respects both equally.

Wellforce is substantially different than other health systems in the Massachusetts market. Members of Wellforce achieve the benefits of partnership, including scale, new technologies, population health initiatives, operational efficiencies and integrated care, while maintaining significant autonomy to run operations in their local markets. Wellforce’s board is made up of representation from both organizations, and Tufts MC and Circle Health maintain their local boards and CEOs.

Wellforce is proud to be a value provider. We are Massachusetts’ high-quality, lower-cost system.

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