Thinkable for SME’s & Industry

Thinkable allows you to source, cultivate & partner with breakthrough science, technology & innovators to help accelerate your business objectives.
Showcase your technologies and products to millions of the world’s researchers to collaborate or find solutions to R&D challenges important to your business. From life science to engineering, hosting a Thinkable challenge allows you to partner with breakthrough science and tech across 250+ fields in one platform.

One platform enabling business to source, cultivate & partner with breakthrough ideas to help accelerate their innovation objectives

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Can I source innovation in my specialist field or R&D?

Yes. We work with you to design an innovation or R&D challenge targeted to your speciality, no matter how niche. We can limit your scope and rules by geography or region too. We then host your own branded prize on your behalf to source partners.

We’ve worked with industry across life sciences, engineering and finance. We also are passionate to help small technology start-ups too.

The best way to engage your brand/technology with researchers, is to host your own prize which attracts tens of thousands of top scientists and PhD’s relevant to your specific field. Competitions allow deep brand engagement across the word to cultivate new partnerships.

We work with all different types of organisations. Each has different needs and capacity to help make the challenge a success. Contact us to learn more



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