Want access to the latest innovation ideas from the world’s top universities? Now you can partner with the most game-changing science and tech ideas from across the world in one platform.

Thinkable allows companies from life science to engineering to engage with the world’s scientists & PhD’s from 400+ universities and medical institutes. By hosting a research grant or innovation prize, we mobilise the worlds researchers & start-ups to learn about your organization & to share ideas to partner with you.

We mobilise the world’s top researchers and PhDs to partner with you.

Access the world’s university innovation pipeline and fund targeted research that will benefit your business and industry in the future.

Showcase your brand and technologies to the world’ s top scientists and innovators.


Can I source innovation in my specialist field or R&D?

Yes. We work with you to design an innovation or R&D challenge targeted to your speciality, no matter how niche. We can limit your scope & rules by geography or region too. We then host your own branded prize on your behalf to source partners.

What types of industry do you work with?

We’ve worked with industry across life sciences, engineering & finance. We also are passionate to help small technology startups too.

Can I use Thinkable to promote a new product or technology to researchers?

The best way to engage your brand/technology with researchers, is to host your own research prize which attracts tens of thousands of top scientists & PhD’s relevant to your specific field. Supporting research is the most effective way to cultivate new partnerships.

What does it cost?

We work with all different types of organisations. Each has different needs and capacity to help make the project a success. Contact us to learn more.

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