Does taking apple cider vinegar as a supplement have any real health benefits?

50.00% Tied
Nutrition a05027f6c9bbed74ac800413ca5689769b743ae06b3a8f1d448595c82141760c Nutrition
Medicine e189aedab2cb52819bd838685f8aaec3b5c164d26b11eb661235a69c371ab63e Health
Medicine e189aedab2cb52819bd838685f8aaec3b5c164d26b11eb661235a69c371ab63e Gastroenterology
Biology 62b9b2131a7b036303873e8ff7528e6da8b43f37247c89fea7e104000a71caac Biochemistry

I know a lot of people who take a spoon of natural apple cider vinegar every day for health reasons, claiming it helps with all sorts of things, from digestion and weight loss, to hair growth.

I found this website, top of the list when I googled it but it seems a bit suspect to me. There was also a Reader's Digest page about it. What does the scientific community think of this?

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