A community of the world’s most innovative researchers & organisations

Our Mission

To unlock scientific knowledge & enable breakthrough innovation that benefits all

Our Story

Enabling the discovery of scientific knowledge & innovation powers human progress. But solving todays’ challenges requires not only supporting scientific research, but cultivating an unprecedented level of collaboration & learning between researchers, universities, innovators, industry, and wider society.

Yet the way the scientific & academic ecosystem has been built over the past century has led to deep silos that inhibit wider collaboration and dissemination of knowledge. Meanwhile limited government funding means that the skills & ideas from millions of the most talented scientists & PhD’s are being wasted.

Our Solution

A new model is needed, one that breaks down existing barriers to enable anyone to engage, activate & collaborate with the world’s researchers around challenges important for them. We knew that technology could act as the catalyst to unlock this opportunity for all, so we created Thinkable.

Through the Thinkable platform, individuals & organisations are able to:

  • Host & Manage any funding opportunity that challenges the community around objectives important to them.
  • Access & attract the world’s most innovative researchers in over 250 specialist fields from over 1400 top institutions.
  • Ideate, award & collaborate on projects most aligned with innovation objectives.
  • Promote their organisations to the worlds top students, scientists & PhD’s.

Through the Thinkable platform, scientists & researchers are able to:

  • Find funding from external organisations by applying to opportunities that leverage their skills and interest them the most.
  • Build their profiles by showcasing research & sharing knowledge
  • Reward peers by learning & voting on projects in your field of expertise
  • Engage the public by sharing specialist knowledge and fact-checking claims made in your field.

The Founding Team

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Ben McNeil

Ernest be06acd00859825b4321a1d2b7812dd6d38f1387fee5c83195544089a520c297

Ernest Lie

Barry1 e21803fd03b7e4f03cf811e645a0062951ce3387bc316b962fbcfb2a888d8e67

Barry Jiao

Co-Founder/VP Of Product

Sydney is our global home
The Opera House is our inspiration

In 1957, the government launched a global competition to fund breakthrough ideas for an Opera House. The prize was $5000.

Jorn Utzon, a young unknown Danish architect submitted this original sketch. The rest is history.

This inspired us to build a platform that allows anyone to source and fund their own breakthrough ideas to change the world.